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Efficient Tax Administration:

As a candidate for Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer, I recognize the importance of efficient tax administration. I will work towards streamlining processes, embracing technology to enhance accuracy, and ensuring that taxpayers experience a smooth and transparent assessment process. This includes regular assessments that reflect the fair and current market values of properties, contributing to a fair and equitable tax system.

Customer Service Excellence:

Quality customer service is a cornerstone of effective governance. I am committed to enhancing the experience of Pierce County residents when interacting with the Assessor-Treasurer’s Office. This involves implementing user-friendly systems, providing clear and accessible information, and fostering a responsive and service-oriented approach. I aim to make the office more accessible and responsive to the needs of the community.

Responsible Fiscal Management, Protecting Seniors, and Supporting First-Time Home Buyers:

Responsible fiscal management is crucial in safeguarding taxpayer dollars to ensure adequately funded local government. I am dedicated to ensuring that rising tax rates do not price working-class seniors out of their homes. I’ll work to implement measures that provide relief to seniors, such as targeted exemptions or assistance programs. Additionally, I’ll make it easier for first-time homebuyers by exploring initiatives that support affordable housing options, educating buyers about available programs, and simplifying processes to facilitate their entry into homeownership. By addressing these concerns, we can create a balanced and inclusive approach to fiscal management that considers the needs of all residents in Pierce County.

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